IMG_0742Finish Line with Nikki Frost

By Nikki Frost

All of us ladies are here because we have one thing in common – the love of a true American brand with that glorious blue oval, otherwise known as Ford! This goes much deeper than brand loyalty as there is something that has attracted us to all things automotive, whether it be an interest in fancy cars, fast cars, lots of gadgets, family tradition, etc. Personally I’ve always been a car girl, starting with my fascination with Matchbox cars over Barbies during my youth, to staring in awe at the gorgeous cars at car shows, to my yearning to drive our minivan like a bat out of hell like my mom. But first and foremost, I have always longed for one thing – speed. The faster the better. I have the speeding tickets to prove it. My teenage years were spent in Charlotte, NC very close to Charlotte Motor Speedway where the sound of those glorious stock cars would lull me to sleep. 2015-nmra-true-street-shootout-females-26 mmff
It wasn’t until I met my future husband that I realized my dream of being a racer could be reality. NASCAR was the only racing I knew of at the time, but on one of our first dates we went to a local drag strip and I was hooked! I have always owned Fords – my first car was an ’85 Escort which was followed by an SHO, stock Taurus, then Explorer. Funds were always limited in my youth so my dreams of automotive grandeur were just that for most of my life. In 2012 the transmission went on my daily driver so I looked into what I believe to be the best car that Ford makes – that glorious, powerful Mustang. The 2013 exterior had recently been revamped and I loved the aggressive look as well as the new color offerings, specifically Gotta Have It Green. My friend Brandon was working at a Ford dealer in MD and they had a ’13 GHIG GT that I had to see. It was love at first sight and I drove the car off the showroom floor the same day and then straight to the drag strip to see what this baby could do! My husband loved the Mustang so much he also bought a ’13 GT in Sterling Gray and the Mustang couple began their journey.

Countless miles, car shows and races later, my car has become so much of my life that many think that I work in the automotive industry full time (false – I manage a law firm). I have had many huge accomplishments with my Mustang – it has been a SEMA booth car twice, a R&D car for Vortech Superchargers, driven cross country 4 times as well as multiple trips up and down the east coast, won multiple awards at some of the largest Ford shows in the nation, been featured in nationally published magazines multiple times and has been a centerfold for multiple racing ads. But by far, my largest accomplishment with my Mustang has been drag racing competitively in the NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association) since 2014. My first race was the All Female Shootout in Norwalk, OH and I was the runner up! I have backed up my runner up finish in 2015 and 2016. The women that I have met in the NMRA have become my family and there is no comparison to what car girls can accomplish when they build each other up. I am extremely grateful to the NMRA for being so excellent to their racers and giving females the opportunity to race in a sanctioned race in their own class. It has not only opened the doors for many of us to branch out in our drag racing but also given us a good platform to start as novices.

I have recently convinced my husband to allow me to turn his car into a dedicated race car so I don’t have to get rid of my beloved heated seats and stick shift. I pay for all the modifications to his car as if it was mine, I race it, he reaps the benefits. It’s a win win situation! The car will be finished soon and I will be racing in a heads up NMRA class which brings great pressure but I love a challenge. I accomplished my goal of having a 10 second street car with my Mustang – now we are hoping for an 8 second race car.

This blog is a means of hopefully sharing some of the useful information that I have gathered over the years in dealing with the automotive industry. I am frequently asked about how to get sponsored, what modifications will make you faster, how do I drag race, etc. All of these questions were ones that I had when I was starting out and I hope to be able to shed some light on the questions that you may have but don’t know who or how to ask! If there are any questions that you can think of that you would like an answer to, please let me know! If I don’t know the answer, I can certainly find it out for you.

Huge thanks to Team Mustang Girls for this opportunity as well as just being amazing car chicks that show how awesome the car community can be! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog – stay tuned for more goodies in my future posts!

Nikki Frost